The Awards page is used to track all of the awards a member has earned. Most awards will be assigned/removed automatically as handbook sections and handbooks are marked as completed/uncompleted. Besides viewing and editing those awards, other types of awards can also be assigned and removed using the tools on this page.

For each award, the image is shown along with the Award Note, Source, Earned Date, and Received Date. Next to each award is an icon to track if the award has been received.Award receivedindicates it was received by the member. Award not receivedindicates it has not been received. Tap/click the icon to toggle between the two choices.

Members > Awards toolbar

Assign handbookAssign Award* – opens a dialog to choose which award the member has earned. First, select an award from the dropdown list. If the award is not in the dropdown list, tap/click the Change Award List buttonShow display options on the menu bar to show the following options, with each option showing more awards than the previous one:

  • Show awards marked as "In Use"** for current club (default)
  • Show all awards marked as "In Use"**
  • Show all awards, including obsolete and not "In Use"**

The Add Award dialog also allows setting the following details:

  • Award Source – select the reason the award was earned from the dropdown list. (Choices are: Book, Church Attendance, Club Attendance, Donation, Event, Other, Section, Section Group, Service, or Training. If "Book" is selected an additional field is enabled to identify the Handbook.)
  • Date Earned – choose the date the award was earned (defaults to the current club date selected on the Top Menu Bar)
  • Received / Received Date – mark whether or not the award was received, and if so, also provide the date it was received
  • Note   use this field to track any additional information about the award

Remove handbookRemove Award* – removes the selected award. Review the award and member name before confirming the removal.

Edit handbookEdit Award* – opens a dialog to change the award details, including:
  • Award (tap/clickShow display optionsas described above, to change the award choices)
  • Award Source
  • Date Earned
  • Received / Received Date

  • Note

Show display optionsPrint  opens the Print dialog with a printer friendly view of the awards.

Show display optionsShow Display Options  opens the Awards Options dialog to customize which awards are shown on the Awards page as well as how to sort the awards. Choose to show all awards earned by the member by not selecting any of the checkboxes. To show fewer awards, check one or more checkboxes, then choose from the following options:
  • Show only awards for selected award sources (shows any awards with matching award sources as indicated when the award was created - see above)

  • Show awards earned
    • today (shows any awards the member earned on the current club date that is selected on the Top Menu Bar.)
    • this year (shows any awards the member earned within the current club year that is selected on the Top Menu Bar.)

  • Show awards that are
    • received (shows any awards the member earned that have been marked as Received.)
    • not received (shows any awards the member earned that have NOT been marked as Received.)

Permission settings may prevent this from showing. See DB Users Permissions for details.

** Changing the "In Use" status is not available at this time. "In use" status may be changed using the Windows Remote Client.