Left Side Nav buttonLeft Side Nav button* – opens the Left Side Navigation where a module can be selected.

{Church Name}** – name of the church (editable under Club > Info).

{Module icon} – icon for currently selected module in the Left Side Navigation.

{Module Name}** – name of currently selected module in the Left Side Navigation.

Filter buttonFilter button  opens the Set Member Filter dialog. Filters control which members are displayed in ANY LIST of members throughout the app. If the filter selection includes the option of "a member must have a session record on the current club date....", changing the Current Club Date could cause different results in the member list using the same criteria. Find more information in Member Filters.

Filter**  description of the current Member Filter criteria.  If a Saved Filter is in use, the Saved Name is displayed.

                NOTE: This filter applies to any member list in the app.

Filter buttonSearch button***  opens the global Search dialog. After typing the member's name in the search dialog, a list of all the matching members will show below. Select the name of the member to show the member's details.

{Club Date} button* – opens a window that holds the {Club Year} and {Club Date} settings. (see below)

{Club Year}** – opens a dropdown list to set the current club year. The club dates are updated based on the selected year.

  • Setup new year*** – begins the multi-step process of adding a new club year to the system. Find more information in the How-to Guide called Setup a New Club Year.

{Club Date}** – opens a dropdown list to set the current club date. This date is used during check-in, marking handbook sections, and marking awards as received. It also determines the information shown in the lists on the Club > Today and Members pages.

{User Name} – opens a dropdown list including:

  • My Account – opens a dialog where username, password, email address and notes can be modified and permission settings can be viewed.

  • User Settings – opens a dialog where the user can set individual preference for:

    •  Launch Page  the page that opens when the user logs into the Web App

  • Create Passkey - opens a dialog to begin the process of storing a passkey which can be used to log in to the database.

  • System Settings***opens a dialog where system-wide defaults (seen by all users) can be set for:

    • Awards: received status – whether or not awards are marked as received or not when new awards are assigned to members

    • Fees: received status - whether or not fee items are marked as received or not when a new fee is create

    • Books: translation – the translation to use when assigning a handbook to a member who does not have a preferred translation

    • Grade Assignment - the date to use as the cut-off for age when assigning a clubber to a grade

    • Registration - permission flags to set when a clubber is registered from the Members or Households modules (NOT during Online Registration)

    • VBS - whether or not to allow "Club Year" options to include VBS

  • About – shows information about the app including the current version number and a link to release notes. Also includes links to access the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.

  • Logout – securely exits the AWdb Web App. Correctly logging out frees up a license for another user.

Help buttonHelp button – opens a dialog to search the knowledge base or to contact us.

Shown only on narrow screens, typically on a phone

** Shown only on wide screens, typically on tablets or desktops 

*** Shown only for users with admin permission