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What are Member Filters?

The Current Member Filter controls which members are displayed in ANY LIST of members throughout the app. It is generally applied based on data for the Current Club Date. Changing the Current Club Date may cause different results in the member list using the same filter criteria if a member's data is different for each of the dates. In addition to the Current Member Filter, there are also Saved Member Filters, as described in the "What is a Saved Filter?" section below. The Current Member Filter may be a selected Saved Member Filter or it may be a set of filter criteria that is not saved.

How do the filters work?

If a module is selected that includes a member list, the Show Member Filters button Show member filterswill be displayed in the Top Menu Bar, along with a description of the Current Member Filter. Click the button to open the Set Member Filter dialog. Details for managing the saved filters are given below.

The first thing to decide when filtering members is whether or not to limit the list to only members who have session (check-in/attendance) records. If so, check the box that requires session records, then set any other criteria that is useful. It is generally recommended that the box be checked as most functionality is geared to those who have current attendance records. Users with clubs that meet on multiple days during the week will also have an option to "Restrict to current club date" or "Span week of current club date". Choose "Span week of current club date" to see members from either meeting day in a single list, depending on the other criteria chosen.

To locate or work with members who may not have session records (because they are graduated or archived for example), uncheck the box that requires session records. This will limit the filter criteria to Personal Info since session info (like Club name or Team info) does not apply. When choosing to show members without session info, keep in mind that a member in the list without session info on the current club date (or within the week of the selected date) will not show any club or team information. When that member is selected, the Check-in page will be blank.

The current filter will narrow down the list of members to only those that meet ALL of the filter criteria (AND conditions are applied across different filter items; OR conditions are used within a given filter item such as Club Name).

Example: With the filter criteria set to {Status = Active} {Role Type = Clubber} {Club Name = Sparks} {Team Color = Blue, Green}: the list of members is limited to members who are Active AND Clubbers AND in the Sparks club AND on the {Blue OR Green Team}.

Active, Clubber, Sparks, Blue - Included

Active, Leader, Sparks, Blue - Not Included

Active, Clubber, Cubbies, Blue - Not Included

Active Clubber, Sparks, Green - Included

Inactive, Clubber Sparks, Green - Not Included

How can I easily clear all the filter criteria?

Click the Clear All Filter Criteria buttonClear all filtersin the menu bar to quickly clear the criteria currently set in the dialog. (This could clear the Current Member Filter OR a Saved Member Filter depending on the mode of the dialog.)

What is a Saved Filter?

A Saved Filter is a group of filter criteria that is saved with a custom Filter Name to be used at a later time. It allows you to quickly show members matching frequently used filter combinations. Saved filters can be either Private (only the user who created it can access it) or Public (all users can access it). To use a Saved Filter as the Current Member Filter, check the 'Use saved filter' checkbox, select it from the dropdown list, then click Ok.


How do I Add a New Filter?

  1. On the Set Member Filter dialog, check 'Use saved filter'. 
  2. Click the Add New Filter buttonAdd new filteron the menu bar to open the Add Member Filter dialog.
  3. Enter a custom Filter Name that reflects the filter settings (i.e. Eve's Group or Sparks Girls Red).
  4. Select Private or Public.
  5. Set the desired filter criteria.
  6. Click the Save button.

How do I Edit an Existing Filter?

  1. On the Set Member Filter dialog, check 'Use saved filter'. 
  2. Select the filter to edit.
  3. Click the Edit Selected Filter buttonAdd new filteron the menu bar to open the Edit Member Filter dialog.
  4. Make any changes to the name, scope, or criteria.
  5. Click the Save button.

How do I get rid of filters I no longer need?

  1. Check the box for 'Use saved filter'.
  2. Select the filter to remove.
  3. Click the Delete Selected Filter buttonDelete selected filteron the menu bar.
  4. Confirm the deletion.

Why don't I see all of the filter criteria or all of the members when my filter is cleared?

If you have limited access to members, you will only see criteria within those limitations. For example, if you have been given access to only the Red Sparks Clubbers, you will only see 'Red' under Team Color, 'Sparks' under Club Name, and 'Clubber' under Type. But you will still be able to filter by any criteria under Gender, Grade, etc. Also, keep in mind that even when your Current Member Filter has no filter criteria set, your member list will still be limited by the permission criteria set on your user account.


TIP: If a member isn’t showing in a list as expected, clear all of the filters using theClear all filtersbutton, then type the first, preferred, or last name in the Name filter and select OK. You can then review the member's information and make changes to items that may be preventing it from being included. If you have limited access to members, due to your permission settings, the permission filter may be keeping you from seeing the member. Talk to your AWdb admin to gain access to members, if needed.