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The Web App (previously known as the Browser App) runs in any web browser, so can be run on phones, tablets, laptops or desktop machines. This makes it extremely convenient for leaders to use during club, so the priority of functionality is geared towards that use. Along with initially setting up clubs and members, it allows leaders to do all the record keeping they need to do during club -- check-in, handbook progress, passing out awards, and making announcements at the end of club. For admin users, the Web App also offers a fine level of granularity for setting user permissions -- allowing leaders to only see clubbers on their team and only the info they need to do their job.

We also offer the Windows App, which only runs on a Windows OS. There is nothing to install, just click on the link then either Run it, or Save and Run it. (Note to admin user: To prevent users from accessing these extra options, their "Allow access using the Windows Remote Client" permission should be turned off.) This app is a port of Leffler System LLC's original Legacy Database*, but instead of connecting to a local database, it connects to the same database as the Web App. So, you can use either the Web App or the Windows App, with the same log in info for both, to make changes to your database in the cloud, then the other users connected to your database will have instant access to it!

The extra features in the Windows App include importing data, and tracking inventory, events, and contacts. It also provides more formal reports, such as "Check-in and Progress Report Worksheets" and "Current Handbook Status". It handles customize options such as which sections are required for a book, which awards are triggered for certain books or sections, and which choices are given in dropdown menus for things like cell phone carriers, contact types, leadership roles, member titles, etc. Also, to add or delete a club, change a club name or the grade assignments mid-year, the Windows App can handle it.

We will continue to add functionality to the Web App as quickly as possible and plan for it to one day include all of the functionality of the Windows App. Meanwhile, if you have a Mac and need some of the functionality only found in the Windows App, you can install a virtual machine, like Parallels, in order to run the Windows App within the virtual machine on a Mac.


* For customers who migrated data from the Legacy Database, do not use its desktop app, since it cannot access your Cloud Database. Download and use the Windows App instead.