1.5 Release Notes

Version 1.4.1 released 04/20/2017

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the order of the clubs to be logical on the Club > Today > Attendance page.
  • Fixed a problem with calculating negative Game or Other points.
  • Session records will now get created correctly when an Archived / Inactive member is changed to Active / Visitor.
  • No longer getting an error for trying to calculate session points for members who are not Active or a Visitor.

Version 1.4.0, released 04/01/2017


  • Added filter options within a user's permissions to control which members that user has access to. A user with a filter set within their permissions will also have limited options within their filter dialog. Watch this video to learn more.
  • Added a User Settings dialog with a setting for which page/tab to show when AWdb launches.
  • If the Award Source is set to Book, you can now set which book the award is associated with.
  • Added a Team Points page to Club > Today. It shows total and average points for teams, given your filters and display options.
  • Added a Logout button on the User page so that admin users can force selected users to be logged out.
  • You can now name and save member filters so that you can easily switch between them.  You can also edit and delete any filters that you create, or any "public" filters if you are an admin user. Watch this video to learn more.


  • The new updates to the web app require a new Windows Client Remote executable file. Download the new AWdbRemote.exe file to overwrite your old one.
  • Added user permissions to control whether or not a user can add or delete members, awards and books, and also whether they can access the data using the Windows Remote Client. Watch this video to learn more.
  • Moved the language setting from the User menu to the new User Settings dialog.
    Added an "In Use" field to team names and now only show the ones in use within the web app. You'll need to use the Windows Remote Client to edit them, under Admin > Club Setup > Team Names.
  • Added some enhancements to the User list & details screens for easier usability and readability.
  • A member's attendance will now get checked automatically when a checkin item or handbook section gets marked.
  • Add images / color swatches to the club name, flag, and team color dropdown menus.
  • Now refreshing a member's points when tabs or members are selected instead of just when the member list is loaded.
  • Updated Login screen for easier usability and readability.
  • Moved the "Clear all filter criteria" button up to the toolbar, to go along with changes made to add, delete and edit saved filters.
  • A clubber's gender (along with their grade) will now affect which club is automatically chosen on the New Member dialog and Personal tab.
  • Historical data is now being kept for Status, Club Name, Team Leader, Team Color, and Team Name. As you change to past club dates, the Member List and Personal page will show that club info as it existed on that date. (You can see a member's latest club information by going to the latest date in the year.)
  • When you change and save the Club Name within the Personal Tab, you will no longer lose historical attendance / check-in information.
  • If a member is added mid-year, their session records in the past will show an "Inactive" status and no values for team color, team leader or team name.
  • Now showing any attending Visitors within the Club > Today > Visitor list, instead of just those who are a guest of another member.  Also, added a club icon for the Guest Of column, since that is the one that gets filtered on.
  • When adding a visitor who already exists in the database, now using their Club Name instead of making you select a separate "Club Visited" field.
  • When a visitor is added, their Club Attendance is automatically marked on the selected club date.
  • Now showing the number of visitors per club on the Club > Today > Attendance page, including visitors who were not brought by another clubber.
  • Now allowing you to choose "None" for Preferred Bible Translation, Primary Language and Secondary Language on the Personal tab.
  • Added a Club Name column to various Club > Today lists on large screens. On small screens, you can hover/click on the club icon to see the team name in a tooltip.
  • Added license / customer # information to the About page.
  • Updated some wording throughout app to make fit on small screens better or to match documentation.
  • No longer hide the "Current" checkbox in the Assign Handbook dialog, just disable it instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Club > Today > Birthday List's sort order to be ordered by birthdays.
  • No longer throws an error when a number field is blank/null on the check-in page.
  • Fixed the bug where adding a session date created duplicate session records for members who were migrated with multiple roles.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed broken award images.
  • Long notes on the Club Info page no longer overlap the sections below it.
  • The button that allows you to choose which set of books or awards you'd like to show within the Assign and Edit dialogs no longer disappears on the iPhone.
  • The DB User's details no longer switch to edit mode when a user is selected in the list.
  • Fixed the error that occurred when you tried saving Club Info data that had a blank State or Missionary State value.
  • Fixed the problem that, in rare cases, prevented cumulative section awards from getting generated.
  • The UI was fixed to no longer allow adding visitors for leaders, since that is not supported.
  • Added a few missing sections to assigned handbooks.

1.3 Release Notes