1.3 Release Notes

Version 1.2.3 released 09/02/2016

Bug Fixes

  • On the Member's personal tab, a contact's relationship can no longer be set to an invalid empty string.

Version 1.2.2, released 08/31/2016


  • On the member's Personal page, in edit mode, you can now click on a member's photo to add a new one or delete the existing one. When on a mobile device, you can use the camera to take a new member photo. Note: There are known issues with low memory devices that cause the browser to reload the page while trying to take or load a picture. A work around for iOS devices is to create a shortcut on your homescreen.
  • On the member's Checkin page, you can now add or remove visitors. The visit records will determine the correct number of visitors to use when calculating points, instead of you manually entering the number.
  • Awards are now triggering for the new T&T book, according to Awana's new rules.
  • Added these release notes to the About page.


  •  Improved performance during loading of images, especially for the member list. If you have a
    large number of members that still loads slower than you'd like, you can turn off the Member Photo and Club Logo in your display options. Of course, it will load faster if you set your filters to load a fewer number of members!
  • Made the State field a selection menu in order to prevent invalid entries.
  • To reduce clutter, we removed the Inventory and Household tabs until they are actually implemented.

Bug Fixes

  • A member's personal information is now loading correctly, instead of showing a blank page, when the member does not have check-in / session information for the selected date.
  • On the Member's personal tab, the Title can no longer be set to an invalid empty string.
  • In the Member's details header, the points label no longer overlaps with the member's name on small screens.
  • The app will now render in Safari when it is set to Private Browsing.
  • The app will no longer randomly log users off on iOS devices.