In our latest release (Web App 2.4.1; Windows App, we made enhancements to the security of the database. Details are provided in the release notes for the Web App. The changes require that all passwords be reset. This is a one-time requirement.

When you log in to either the Web App or the Windows App, if the password has not been reset, a dialog will pop-up indicating a New Password is Required and providing a field to enter your email address. Once the 'OK' or 'Change Password' button is clicked, a Password Change email will be sent. (The email address is only used for sending the change email.)

Use the button in the Password Change email to reset your password. (Criteria: 12 characters, at least 1 uppercase, at least 1 lowercase, and at least 1 number OR symbol.)


  • There is a 'Cancel' button on the New Password Required dialog. We understand that logging in at club time isn't the ideal time to have to deal with a required password change. Using 'Cancel' will skip sending the Password Change email and you will be able to work in the database. HOWEVER, you will receive this message each time you log in. At your convenience, please complete the password reset.

  • The Password Change email is valid for 10 minutes. If it expires and you did not change the password, you will get the notification again the next time you log in. OR, to request a Password Change email, in the Web app, click the username dropdown and select 'My Account'; in the Windows App, click Tools > Change Password.