First off, please know that we have ideas on how to make this more intuitive in the future, and realize that it's currently more confusing than it should be.

Many times a member is archived because they do not have a role for the latest club year. If this is the case, adjust your filter so that the member is in the member list (view this FAQ if you have trouble finding the member), ensure the latest club year is selected in the top menu bar and the archived member is selected in the list. Then go to their Personal tab and click/touch the Edit button. Scroll down to the Primary Role Info section and click/touch the Add New Role button, filling in the applicable role information then saving.

If you prefer using the Windows App, once you find the person, open their member record, then click the “New” button in the lower, left Roles grid and create an Active role. This action will reactivate the member.

If the member already has a role for the latest club year, you can just update their role status from Archived to Active within either app.