1. Customize the Online Registration Site.

The registration website will include the forms that allow parents to register their child(ren) for Awana, along with customized landing and confirmation pages. Please note that while AWdb does not directly provide a way for parents to make online payments, a link can be provided on the Confirmation page to direct parents to a payment option. More details on how to customize the registration site are included in the Manage Site article or the Manage Site video.

2. Provide the registration link to parents.

The URL that is specific to your church is located near the top of the Manage Site page. We recommend creating a button or link on your church website or sending an email with a link, using this URL, so that parents can easily click on it to open the registration website in a browser. The Copy URL to Clipboard button on the Manage Site page makes it easy to copy/paste the URL as needed.

3. View submitted registrations.

When a parent submits a registration, it is shown in either the Pending or Waitlist page, depending on the Waitlist settings on the Manage Site page. TIP: If an expected registration is not listed, be sure the Current Club Year in the top menu bar matches the Active Year selected on the Manage Site page; or if the Active Year is the following year, check the box near the top of each list to show the pre-registrations.

4. Accept pending registrations.

Pending registrations must be accepted before the member is shown as registered in the Members module. If the name and birth date of a Pending registration matches a member already in the database, there will be options to merge any differences in the data, one way or the other, before accepting it. For more details, see the Pending article.

Once a pending registration has been accepted, it is shown on the Accepted page. This is a read-only page that is useful for reviewing historical data. By setting the Current Club Year in the top menu bar to a previous year, a past year's registrations can be viewed.

5. Use the Waitlist

If the option to use waitlists is set within the Manage Site options, registrations will automatically show on the Waitlist page once any club's max limit is reached. If a spot opens up within a club, move the top waitlisted registration for that club to the Pending page using the hourglass button above the list. From the Pending page, the registration can be accepted as in Step 4 above.

6. Deactivate the Online Registration Site

Once the registration period is over, edit the Manage Site page and uncheck the "Site is Active" option. Also set the "inactive Message" text. If a parent navigates to the site while it's not active, the customized Inactive Message will be shown.